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Business English

We have over 40 years business experience in private, public, not-for-profit and retail sectors. Our experience is at all levels of management. We are singularly placed to help you or your staff communicate clearly and effectively in a business environment. Each course is designed specifically to meet your needs. 

We provide face to face coaching online via Zoom. 


Business English students

During your assessment, we establish your learning priorities from the following:

  • writing formal and informal emails

  • report writing

  • writing for social media

  • telephone etiquette and customer liaison

  • meetings

  • presentations

  • pronunciation

We then develop a course of study using appropriate materials, plus actual scenarios and examples from your work situation.

Initial assessment

We arrange an initial discussion with you to determine your current level. This allows us to develop a plan which meets your needs. We gain an understanding of the goals and the outcomes you would like to achieve. We then set to work to ensure each lesson has a targeted outcome focussed on your overall training goals.


Duration of course

This varies according to the needs of each student. All lessons are 90 minutes in length.


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