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General English

We equip you with the skills to build confidence and communicate effectively in English. Your goal could include speaking skills, everyday expressions and slang, sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar, listening, discussion and English conversation. Each course is designed specifically to meet your needs. 

We provide one on one, face to face coaching online via Zoom


General English student

Initial assessment

We arrange an initial discussion with you to determine your current level. This allows us to develop a plan which meets your needs. We gain an understanding of the goals and the outcomes you would like to achieve.

We focus on Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

We then set to work to ensure each lesson has a targeted outcome focused on your overall requirements.



The aim is:

  • to be confident in using English

  • to participate and articulate more for everyday communication

  • to understand more what is going on in work, social, study

  • to increase your fluency and comprehension

  • to help you reach your objectives

We then develop a course of study using appropriate materials, plus actual scenarios and examples from your daily life.

Duration of course

This varies according to the needs of each student. All lessons are 90 minutes in length.

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