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We focus on giving you intensive tuition to ensure speedy progress. We concentrate on the areas where you need the most practice. We give you constructive feedback but above all we ensure you sit the exam when you are ready  - not before!

We provide one on one, face to face coaching online via Zoom

IELTS coaching
IELTS Tuition

IELTS - (International English Language Testing System)

Measures your ability in the following sub categories:

- Listening,

- Reading,

- Writing,

- Speaking.

While all students take the same Listening and Speaking tests, they sit different Reading and Writing tests, depending on whether they have selected the Academic Module or the General Training Module.


We help you to:

  • Acquire effective exam techniques for each sub-test

  • Practise your exam techniques regularly

  • Acquire sufficient Vocabulary

  • Focus on grammar

  • Improve listening comprehension

  • Improve your reading skills

  • Be confident with your exam writing style 

  • Focus on your speaking and fluency

Initial assessment

We arrange an initial discussion with you to determine your current skill level. This allows us to develop a plan which meets your needs. We gain an understanding of the goals and the outcomes you would like to achieve. We then set to work to ensure each lesson has a targeted outcome focussed on your overall training goals.


Duration of course

This varies according to the needs of each student. All lessons are 90 minutes in length.

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