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Presentation Skills

This is one of our more popular courses. It is run with a maximum of 4 people and each course is designed specifically to meet the learners' needs.

We provide one on one, face to face coaching at a location of your choice or online via Zoom.


Presentation skills

Presentation Skills course covers:

  • Body Language

  • Voice

  • Pronunciation

  • Structure

  • English Language

  • Manner

  • Timing

These skills are taught in the context of your work and everyday life.

They can be combined with any other course of lessons : Business English, Pronunciation, IELTS Coaching.

Effective presentation skills are an essential part of good communication.

  • You need effective presentation skills to present your ideas, projects, plans, strategies and products in front of an audience or team members. 

  • Presentation skills help you to communicate more effectively and professionally with your audience, superiors, team members, colleagues.

  • Everyone communicates online and offline in a variety of formats such as blog posts, social media posts, youtube videos, slideshows, and seminars and in official meetings, to convince a small or large audience. But not all use presentation skills and that is why most of the people are not effective communicators in a meeting.

Presentation skills are important to communicate effectively to get your message broadcast meaningfully in the mind of your target audience or customers.

Presentation skills are important because they help the presenter to

  • Communicate complex information in simple and interesting way to keep the audience engaged

  • Communicate thoughts and feelings effectively

  • Communicate with clear and concise pronunciation

  • Develop self-confidence

  • Present achievements and successes

Initial assessment

We arrange an initial discussion with you to determine your current skill level. This allows us to develop a plan which meets your needs. We gain an understanding of the goals and the outcomes you would like to achieve. We then set to work to ensure each lesson has a targeted outcome focussed on your overall training goals.

Duration of course

Courses are normally 10 lessons, each 90 minutes in length.

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