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About us

Our tutors are graduates with extensive experience in ESL teaching, both one-to-one and in classes. 

We provide one on one, face to face coaching online via Zoom



Our Test Preparation tutors are experienced in IELTS tuition and have strong individual commitment to ensure you succeed in this exam which is critical for your future.



We are experienced in teaching effective Pronunciation. We have worked with a number of middle managers in industry where their poor pronunciation has been established over many years. These assignments have proved challenging, but with our guidance and their hard work, we have succeeded much to the joy of the individual, the employer and the work colleagues.

Business English

We have over 40 years business experience in private, public, not-for-profit and retail sectors. Our experience is at all levels of management. We are singularly placed to help you or your staff communicate clearly and effectively in a business environment.

Presentation skills

Presentation skills are essential for all professionals. Our tutors support you in presenting your ideas and speaking clearly and effectively. We run these courses tailor-made for each client. The outcome is the improved use of English, confidence in presenting in English, great clarity in pronunciation and effective communication of ideas.

English is an international language. The majority of English speakers around the world are non-native speakers.

Our work in all our courses is focussed on giving you more complex language, including idioms and colloquial expressions.

Our focus is on your specific needs, we are working with you to improve your English, to improve your future.

We ensure the courses are specific to your needs and we continually strive during the courses to adapt the materials for you and ensure that all your needs are met by the course provided.

Recent feedback from our customers:


Li - from China

'The tutor was enthusiastic, motivating and a very reliable. I wish I had had a tutor like this when I was at school. He quickly found many of my pronunciation errors and he focussed hard to get me to change years of poor sound production. He had a sense of humour and light heartedly kept on encouraging me to change my pronunciation to produce a better sound. My Cultural Chinese sounds are quite different to English ones. His mantra was 'watch, listen, repeat', over and over again. I began to change, my work colleagues commented on the improvements, my bosses commented that things were greatly improved and my confidence rose. As a team leader I am now more confident and clearer in speaking at team meetings. The tutor's style was direct and at the same time very supportive. He knew how hard it was for me to make the pronunciation changes but at the same time he was very patient knowing that these changes were only going to happen with a lot of practice.  This tutor had a great coaching style. '

Carolyn  - from Japan

'I have no doubt that without the tutor’s ongoing support my daughter would not have her dream job and be the outgoing confident person she has become. I have an enormous amount of gratitude for the care and support he showed towards my daughter.

He was readily available for tutoring sessions. He was always on time and always easy to communicate with.

I would highly recommend the tutor, his patience and understanding of each individual’s need is outstanding. He was able to connect with her a on a personal level, understand her unique requirements and make her comfortable in her learning environment. '

Anabel - from Argentina

'During our time together, the tutor displayed great ability in assisting me both in his tutoring of Australiana but also with its correct application in relation to our advertising. His tutoring was always focussed on the latest campaigns and together we worked hard to find tag lines which would capture the imagination of our customers in socials. It is not just his technical skills that impress me, but the tutor was good to work with because of his amazingly positive attitude. His keenness and contribution were second to none.  

During this period with him I built my own dictionary of Australian slang and I must say I could not have done it without him.

I find his tutoring style very patient and relaxed. Not only will he bring the kind of skills and experience you are looking for from your tutor, but he quickly would enhance the capacity of any ESL employer offering language acquisition. '


Dror - from Israel

'I have worked with the tutor over the last 2 years and I have been impressed with his knowledge and the level of support he gives to his students.

During our time together, the tutor displayed great ability in assisting me with any English language problems I might have had. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of English grammar, but it was our work on pronunciation that helped me the most. I was able to express myself better every single day.

It is not just his technical skills that impress me, but the tutor was a joy to work with because of his amazingly positive attitude. His keenness and contribution were second to none. "

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