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An intensive and popular course, each course is designed specifically to meet individual learner’s needs. Your determination to produce the correct sound consistently and regularly is a key factor for success on the course. Pronunciation requires plenty of practice making the correct sound over and over again.

We provide one on one, face to face coaching online via Zoom. 

Our focus:

  • We will show you how English is really spoken and the correct sound production. Watch, listen, repeat. 

  • How to pronounce words you often use

  • Accent reduction – problem areas based on your first language

  • Difficult sounds – correction and practice

  • Word/sentence stress

  • Natural rhythm and intonation

  • Pronunciation is taught in the context of your work and everyday life.

It can be combined with any other course of lessons.

What accent do you teach?

There are many different English accents around the world. You will always have the accent of your country of origin. Clarity of sound production and correctness in the use of English is the key. We will help you speak clearly and correctly using English like a native speaker.

Effective communication is the key.

English lesson pronunciation

Why is  pronunciation important?

Many international students studying English as a Second Language do not pay adequate attention to English pronunciation. Many  believe, mistakenly, that pronunciation is less important than grammar, lexicology and vocabulary.

Often, despite having an excellent knowledge of grammar and being able to write good English, students fail at communicating a message because of their inability to construct a meaningful sentence when speaking.

However, it is vital to communication because mispronunciation inevitably leads to:

  • the message being misunderstood by the recipient,

  • the recipient's frustration at the lack of clarity and inability to understand what is being said,

  • changing meaning and context, 

  • poor phone interactions,

  • inability to convey content accurately,

  • loss of status within organisation with consequent slowing down of career path.

Good pronunciation adds value to a non-native individual speaking English. Increased respect and appreciation by your work colleagues is earned by being clear and concise.

Initial assessment

We arrange a discussion with you and/or your employer if appropriate, to determine the extent of your pronunciation issues, and how they affect your work, study or everyday life. We then design a course specific for you.


Duration of course

This varies according to the needs of each student. All lessons are 90 minutes in length.

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